Conscious Social Media Program by Ksenia Avdulova

Feel like you're not getting this whole social media thing right?

Let’s get real. No matter how many hours you spend on Instagram, doing it without smart strategy and a deep, soul-level alignment isn’t going to help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Do you...

- Feel like there a secret code to Instagram that no one talks about? 
- Wonder if it's even worth the effort because there are people already doing what you want to do?
- Want to be seen as an authority in your niche and have a hunch that Instagram can help you, but have no idea how to make it happen? 
- Feel frustrated by getting very little engagement on content you spent hours creating?  
- Want to take your brand to the next level without spending all day on social media?

I know exactly how you feel.

I worked through all of these frustrations on my own to find that YES, there is an answer to all of them.

It requires an openness to seeing social media from a whole NEW perspective beyond anything you see in traditional marketing. 

It also requires an honest look at not just your Instagram feed, but your energetic alignment. 


Registration for the April 15 launch is now closed. Because the popularity of the first launch exceeded all expectations (thank you!), we're planning to run another LIVE group starting July 15, and the enrollment will be limited.

Save your spot early.
Which is why I put together this 8-week online program that will guide you through a step-by-step process to an aligned, powerful and profitable online presence.

The program will bring together your inner technology (intuition) with outer technology (social media) to transform your self-expression as an entrepreneur, your impact in the world, and your bank account.

This is the first time I’m sharing my full method with the public. It brings together 15 years on social media, 10 years of studying ancient energetic principles, and 5 years of making a full-time income by sharing what I care about on social media.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a healer, an artist, a coach, a yoga teacher, a content creator or a PR and marketing strategist – this is the solution you’ve been searching for to get your online presence (and your business) to the next level. 

Conscious Social Media Program

Create a magnetic, profitable online presence with this step-by-step method that brings together tools that: 
+ merge actionable marketing strategies that work with spiritual alignment (SEO and visualization? Bring it)
+ help you get crystal clear on your message and how to share it online
+ give you the confidence to stop waiting and start sharing, and seeing results right away
+ build your authority to become a go-to person in your niche
+ form relationships with your dream brands 
+ monetize your online presence outside the box

Launches on July 15th, 2019

This program is for you if:

- You want to know exactly what actions to take on social media to invest into your business and personal growth.
- You're ready to grow your personal brand (and do energetic practices to accommodate the expansion).
- You're ready to do the homework, have an accountability group and be guided by someone who gets what it’s like to have one foot in spiritual growth, and one in business.

Course Modules

0. Welcome: Create The Space 
1. Introduction: Let's Dive In 
2. A New Paradigm: The Energetic Principles Of Social Media 
3. A Powerful Start: Set An Intention & Translate It Into The Digital Realm
4. Alignment Over Hustle: Develop Intuition + Become A Clear Channel 
5. Content Alchemy: Define Your Message + Become A Content Kween 
6. Becoming Magnetic: Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs + Be Confident AF + Be Seen
7. Amplify: Community, Consistency, Visibility + Growth Hacks
8. Monetize $$$ 
9. Set Boundaries + Divine Surrender 
10. Celebrate Your Progress + Let It Brew

How The Program Works

  • This is a 100% virtual (do it from anywhere!) program.
  • This program is 8 weeks long.
  • It will tentatively start on July 15-August 8, 2019.
  • Each week, you will get a new module with audio + written material.
  • You will get access to a Private Facebook Group for accountability and support.

What's Included:

  1. 8 weeks of content including audio lessons and PDF files with recaps of each week.
  2. Worksheets & journaling prompts to take you from ideas into action.
  3. Meditations & visualizations to support your journey (created specifically to go along with the strategic part of the curriculum).
  4. Seven 1-hour live Q&A group coaching calls with Ksenia (if you can't attend live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and get a replay of the call).
  5. Access to a private Facebook group.

What Clients & Students Say:

Ksenia shares her experience of running social media as a vehicle for online and offline depth, synchronicity and business expansion.

She went from sleeping on a friend's couch and being nearly kicked out of the country, to creating three successful businesses through the power of social media.
Katie Hess, Founder of @lotuswei
Wow, I absolutely love Ksenia’s approach! Forget about all those "hacks" to "make it" on social media. I've always found that to be so untrue. What it all comes down to is genuine connection and adding value.
Emerelle’s Voice
Ksenia pushes you to do actual inner work so that your outer offering on Instagram is in alignment with who you actually are...and not a huge, effortful outpouring of something you think you should be. This is how I like to live my life and I love the tools and questions she asks to bring this lens alive for me in the realm of Instagram.
Lopa van der Mersch, Founder Of @wearerasa
There are many of us who started Instagram with a real desire to connect with others, create value and true meaning with other humans around us. Many of us have often felt that the genuine, honest, authentic message has gotten lost in the sea of popularity without purpose.

Ksenia's method reminds each of us that our purpose is valid and each of our messages are worthwhile. There is room for all of us who believe in the mindful, conscious power of social media to unite, support and grow and be the vehicles of positive impact in the global media space. 
Tiffany Soi, @tiffany_soi & @climbflow
I had a social media coaching session with Ksenia and found it incredibly helpful and inspiring. Having a lot of different projects etc, I’ve felt scattered and struggled to see how everything fits together.

She helped me connect to my overall message and gave me some super simple strategies that make so much sense and give me a clear way to move forward. I can’t wait to implement her suggestions and am so grateful for her perspective.
Bonnie Piesse, Singer, Songwriter, Actress (Star Wars 2 & 3)
I was constantly juggling how to share my message in an authentic way while still wanting to curate a beautiful feed and build my business. The pressure of figuring out what to write, find the right photo and making sure I was posting at the correct time of day left me feeling majorly uninspired and burnt out.

All of that shifted when I began working with the leading voice in conscious social media, Ksenia Avdulova. Within our first conversation, I began to see social media and how I was approaching it in an entirely new light. One that made me feel energized, powerful and excited.

Hilary Pearlson, Founder of TheDreamerie
Lock In Your Spot ($1,111)
Want to understand what Conscious Social Media is all about and how the methodology works IRL? Listen to this solo episode of Woke & Wired podcast to get a taste of the spaces we'll be diving into together.


Feeling 100% alignment with what the program has to offer, but don't have the finances to enroll? We're offering a scholarship spot in the program to the right person. The only way to apply is by filling out the form below:
Ksenia Avdulova is a public speaker, founder of the award-nominated digital platform Breakfast Criminals, and host of Woke & Wired podcast, focusing on expanded consciousness and entrepreneurship in the digital age. Named "35 Under 35 In Wellness" by Wanderlust and “The Fashion World’s Most In-Demand Breakfast Chef” by MyRecipes, a Time Inc. Company, Ksenia impacts more than 100,000 followers across her platforms as she shares the power of rituals, mindful nourishment and conscious social media.

Ksenia has partnered with brands like Vitamix, Miu Miu, Adidas, THINX, GirlUp and Glossier and, most recently, graced the cover of Kashi GOLEAN cereal boxes nationwide (without being a pro athlete). 

She has led keynotes and workshops, including the United Nations GirlUp Summit, WELLSummit, MindBodyGreen's Revitalize, Lead with Love, The Upside and other empowerment and wellness events globally.

She's been named "one of the pioneers of conscious social media," and her work has been featured in Vogue, Women's Health, Harper's Bazaar and Refinery29.  


What is the time commitment for this program?

To get the best out of the program, I recommend setting aside 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time weekly dedicated to going over the content and implementing it IRL. I recommend listening to the audio portion, reading the written portion, and then filling out the workbooks and doing audio exercises.

How long will I have access to the content? Will my access expire?

Good news – you'll have lifetime access to the program for as long as it exists! Which means that even if something comes up and you fall behind on the curriculum, you can always go back to previous modules and recorded Q&A calls.

How is the content delivered?

The content is split between audio files (recorded lessons and meditations/visualizations), written exercises and journaling prompts. 

What support do you provide for the duration of the course?

Once the program launches on July 15, you will have access to a private Facebook community where we will create the space for homework accountability. If any questions come up during the 8 weeks, you can submit them to us on Facebook, and Ksenia will be covering as many of them as possible during the 8 live video calls that are included in the price. The calls are a great way to get support, feedback and answers to your questions!

I don't have the time to do the course right now. Can I do it later?

I know, you're a busy bee! That said, I don't believe in not having enough time. Unless you trust the hunch that brought you here and intentionally create the time to take your online presence to the next level, it won't magically happen. You're here, which means you're ready. I highly recommend enrolling now, as I am not planning to run this program live at this price again. Even if you can't do the course with us starting April 15, I recommend locking your spot now to get the best price possible. Then you will have access to all the materials and recordings after, and can do it at your own pace.

I don't have a business or a product yet. Is this right for me?

While doing this program will absolutely help you in getting more clear on your gift and your message, you will get the most out of this program if you already have an offering or a business. It doesn't matter how far into your social media journey you are and how many followers you have. The only prerequisite is basic knowledge of Instagram and willingness to expand your consciousness and a goal to create a strong online presence that opens doors.

I have my business started and a few other projects I am working towards started. Because I don’t have clients yet do you think I am far enough along in order to get great value? Or should I be farther along?

You don’t have to be at a particular point in your biz, since your energetic alignment and social media presence are relevant no matter what stage you are at. Would having ease and clarity on your WHY and how you build your community feel supportive in taking your biz to the next level? If the answer is yes then it’s for you. The thing is we only use social media as a point of access, but the truth is the work we’ll do can help you way beyond social media only but other parts of your biz and projects, too.

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